Clinique Cleansing Foam – A must try.

I’ve always had a problem with my skin. Not necessarily spotty skin but more blemished and red skin. A few months ago I was going through a ‘bad phase.’ So I thought I’d try a new product. I looked up on the internet products that were highly rated for clearing blemished skin and found Clinique’s ‘Anti… Continue reading Clinique Cleansing Foam – A must try.

Naked Illuminated, Naked indeed.

*Photo Credit to*   The Naked Illuminated shimmer powder by Urban Decay is the perfect looking product. It comes in three different colours, all beautifully packaged in a sort of shinning velvet case. However, looks can be deceiving. This product looks gorgeous and comes with a lovely soft brush to sweep the powder smoothly across the… Continue reading Naked Illuminated, Naked indeed.

They’re Real! VS Roller Lash

* Photo Credit to*   I Decided to compare two of the makeup brand Benefit’s most popular mascaras, both of which I got at Christmas. (Benefit’s a brand I’m very sceptical about as I think they’re products are a hit or miss.)  I have pretty long eyelashes, therefore I’m not really mascara loyal and just… Continue reading They’re Real! VS Roller Lash