Naked Illuminated, Naked indeed.

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The Naked Illuminated shimmer powder by Urban Decay is the perfect looking product. It comes in three different colours, all beautifully packaged in a sort of shinning velvet case. However, looks can be deceiving. This product looks gorgeous and comes with a lovely soft brush to sweep the powder smoothly across the face but that’s probably the only positive to this product.

Having been bought the Naked Illuminated powder about 2 years ago in the shade ‘AURA’ it’s still sitting in my house intact. At Christmas, I was then bought the powder again in the shade ‘Luminous’ and it’s still pretty disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, if you’re looking for a glitter to shimmer over your face then it does the trick. My mum uses it every day and loves it. But I wouldn’t exactly say it does what it says on the tin. On the Urban Decay website, it says this powder can be used to ‘highlight.’ Which it most definitely can’t.

I’ve also seen people raving about how amazing this product looks on Twitter, but unfortunately in my opinion that’s the only amazing thing about it.

The product is durable and shows on the face, however I would say subtly.  It would also be perfect for people in shows to brighten the face on stage and it is very easy to carry about with. The product is made with good quality products and isn’t too expensive, priced at £22 odd.

Therefore if looking for a shimmer/face glitter, go ahead. This product is perfect for a subtle glow. However if looking for a highlighter/bronzer which these products have been labeled as, then definite no.  The product’s called Naked for a reason.


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