Clinique Cleansing Foam – A must try.

I’ve always had a problem with my skin. Not necessarily spotty skin but more blemished and red skin. A few months ago I was going through a ‘bad phase.’ So I thought I’d try a new product. I looked up on the internet products that were highly rated for clearing blemished skin and found Clinique’s ‘Anti blemish solutions cleansing foam’. The reviews for this product were amazing!! If I’m honest, probably too good to be true. But since I love Clinique, I thought I’d give it a try.

This cleansing foam is used in the shower and is the first step of Clinique’s Anti blemish solutions 3 step system. First impressions were I loved the texture and feel of this foam. When you rubbed it on your face it doesn’t burn your eyes, which is always a plus and it leaves your skin feeling amazing smooth! However, reviews had stated after one use I would see a ‘REMARKABLE’ difference.. which definitely isn’t the case! To be honest, I’m yet to find a product that works that well!!

Then again, after using the foam twice a day for a few weeks I did notice it started to calm my skin, and I was probably getting a few less spots. It left my skin feeling smooth every day and also helps to remove dirt and excess oil, which is always a win! The foam is priced at £18 so is quite cheap to buy and lasts ages! I’ve been using mine for a good few months now and it’s still half full. On the other hand, even although I feel this product has helped my skin, I am definitely not spot or blemish free. Therefore, I would say the product is overrated but its hard to tell with different people and different skin types. Because of this, I am going to buy the other 2 products of the 3 step system and hope that using them all together creates the perfect skin.

Overall, this product is a good starter to helping blemished skin, and in my opinion it does actually work! Thanks for reading!


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