They’re Real! VS Roller Lash

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I Decided to compare two of the makeup brand Benefit’s most popular mascaras, both of which I got at Christmas. (Benefit’s a brand I’m very sceptical about as I think they’re products are a hit or miss.)  I have pretty long eyelashes, therefore I’m not really mascara loyal and just tend to wear whatever I come across. However I know both these mascaras are pretty popular and since I have both decided to compare!

First of all, both products have very lovely wands. I prefer a thinner mascara wand as I feel it targets all your individual lashes and is more neat and tidy, rather than big wands that I use and always manage to get mascara stuck on the top of my eyelid. ALWAYS!

Pictured left is They’re Real (mini version), right is Roller Lash. (Photos taken by me.)

First impressions of Roller Lash; Very good mascara. I use eyelash curlers every day but with this product you genuinely wouldn’t need them. Priced at £19.50 so a bit pricey but I would definitely say worth the purchase. I’ve used this mascara when it first came out but for some reason never went back to it, but I’m glad I have it now. The wand is perfect for sweeping eyelashes into a nice shape and creating very long lashes without having to apply a lot, really worth while product. However it does have quite a big fault. It seems to stick to eyelashes like glue! If you’re like me and too lazy to take your mascara off every night, you’ll find you’re eyelashes stuck together and very sticky. If you’re good at taking mascara off then with a little bit of effort you’ll be just fine. Nevertheless, I can honestly say I’ve never tried such a sticky mascara.

They’re Real; I was a little bit let down with this product after hearing a couple of people rave on about it. First time I used it I felt I took ages applying it to get a nice set of eyelashes. Then again, when comparing it to Roller Lash, that gives you a curl in seconds, it’s a hard comparison. Saying that, being too lazy to tackle with the stickiness of the Roller Lash mascara, I retried this and surprisingly got a different opinion. (Must have been having a bad eyelash day.) I hadn’t noticed before how the wand spreads out every single eyelash and gives a sort of glamorous look. It takes a few strokes to get the eyelashes sitting as glam as you want them but the mascara is good as it doesn’t clump. I suppose that makes it worth the little bit more effort it takes to put it on.

Overall both good mascaras. Both priced at £19.50. Roller Lash, worth it? Yes. They’re Real? Not so much. Good mascara but nothing special, nice wand but probably get cheaper mascaras that work the same. Roller Lash however, effortless long curls, which is hard to come by and worth the investment.



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