In love with the Cocoa

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As promised, I will be reviewing Marissa Carter’s Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan mousse. I’m not sure how well-known this brand is, I didn’t think it was very big as I’d never seen this tan stocked in more than one store. I had a look on the internet and found out it was really popular, in fact it’s won LOADS of awards!

I first purchased this product in Primark, I’d never seen it before and felt like going back to my old ways of using mousse tan rather than a lotion so I thought id give it a try. At first I liked the bright pink packaging, I didn’t even realise it tanned you in an hour and it washed off. Looking back now, if I’d have paid more attention I would have probably been more sceptical as I’ve never used a tan that you wash off after an hour and it actually works!

Nevertheless, I LOVE this tan. Definitely my favourite at the moment. When you first apply the tan, the colour is instant so you know what patches you have missed when applying it, which helps. This tan smooths to the skin quite well without streaking, however I would still say it needs to be applied fast. When I use this tan, I tend to apply it before my bed and wash it off in the morning. This gives the greatest effect I feel. It gives your tan time to properly develop and it washes off any accidentally dirty looking smudges you may have caused with the mitt.

Positives of the tan; It doesn’t smell. Well, it does when you’re caked in it before bed and suffocating yourself under the covers. But I actually really like the smell of it, and if you wash it off it’s totally fine. The tan also dries very fast and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky. (Which is a very important quality in a tan.) It leaves a good natural colour, and says on the bottle, for a darker colour just leave it on for more hours. It also does actually last several days,which is a bonus!

Negatives – Patchy when it comes off, when it starts to patch, the tan’s a goner. However it is remarkably easy at coming off and you don’t need to scrub away half your skin. It also does have to be applied fast as it dries in quick, and it’s hard to find, unless in Primark.

Other than this, I can say I have no faults with this tan and if you’re shopping around for a change in tan it’s definitely one to try. I will also be looking into more Marissa Carter products, for only £6.00 its got to be worth the buy.


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