Primark’s Finest.

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To me, I consider Primark to be one of the greatest clothing/beauty shops to exist. Primark is reasonably priced, keeps up with trends and offers a large variety in all clothing/beauty/footwear/random junk you could need!

Anyhow, I have decided to review a couple of recent purchases made from Primark. One is a fake tan I have been using which I will review in my next blog post, and the other is a Christmas present given from my mum.

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The present was a ‘Flawless Finish Foundation Brush Set.’ They’re a product I have been dying to try for a while, yet unsure about. I opened these brushes to use with my foundation purely for the benefit of reviewing them for this blog. (Readers feel privileged I wasted my foundation on going no where.) At first I felt the texture of the brushes and they are EXTREMELY soft. Although I wasn’t too sure if they were meant to be used damp, therefore I dabbed foundation on my face and applied moisturizer to the big foundation brush. Even although the moisturizer didn’t really dampen the brush due to the texture of it, my foundation still went on really smooth and did sit nicely on my face. However, I felt myself trying to dab the brush on my skin rather than glide it across it. As this is the technique that works best for me when applying foundation. I feel when lightly dabbing the foundation into your skin it sits better than gliding it across your face. Nevertheless, the foundation did look quite nice on my face. (Yet not quite flawless.)

I then tried one of the smaller brushes, I liked this brush more, it was very quirky and good at concealing hard to get areas around the eyes! The design of these brushes being shaped Oval is a very good idea, they tailor to the shape of the face. On the other hand, the brush is only designed to glide, and this is not a technique which I feel I could go back to. I feel the ‘Real Technique’ foundation brush I use, is much more suited to my method of applying foundation and definitely leaves more of a flawless finish, as it pushes the foundation into the skin, rather than sweeping it away. Although my method is just one way of applying foundation and not the only. So if these brushes seem your sort of thing I would definitely try them. Especially the Primark brand. I myself will be trying these brushes again to see the full impact of how it looks/how long my makeup lasts when I have a full face on!

If you haven’t seen these brushes in action, I’ll link a video below as to them being used! (Video taken off YouTube, credits to Laura Leth)



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