Charlotte Tilbury’s not so ‘Magic’ Foundation

Placeholder ImageI felt the need to review a foundation that is a waste of 95% of people’s money. Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation promises a ‘flawless’ finish, yet unless you’ve got a face like a babies bottom, I highly doubt it. From the website Selfridges it says the foundation “Is a miracle in a bottle that transforms all ages.” The website also maintains the foundation offers flawless coverage to those with acne.

As someone who has very blemished skin and gets the usual spot, I can say this foundation offers very weak coverage. The foundation is said to be weightless and this is proven in the fact that once it was applied to my face it looked like I didnt have nothing on atall. It left my face a smeared chalky white colour with all my blemishes shining through. Even after applying my usual Estēe Lauder foundation on top, you could still tell the base wasn’t quite right. It also left my face a horrible sticky texture.

Upon the website that sells the foundation, there is a picture of a model before and after wearing the foundation. As her skin is completely flawless before the makeup, it makes the foundation look very good once applied.  This shows a bad example of the makeup as it doesn’t prove how flawless it can make skin. However the website claims it can cover anything really. As a real person with flawed skin i’d say this foundation was a con. As well as this I have spoke to makeup artists who wouldn’t use it on their clients as they agree it’s useless. Since this is the first ever product I have bought from Charlotte Tilbury it does not leave a good impression on the brand. However as it is highly rated, I do plan on trying other products. Any how, this “Magic” foundation is definitely going on my No Go list.


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